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The Witching Well

The Witching Well in Pai

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Named after the well in the center of the shop, the Witching Well is a place with a magic atmosphere and decoration where our customers from around the world can start the day with a nutritious breakfast made with the finest ingredients as fresh eggs, home made yoghurt and muesli (home made as well, something you cannot miss), fresh fruit in season, enjoy a cup of our potion teas, specialty coffees,shakes or foamy cappuccinos. For those no morning persons there is nothing to worry about, we serve breakfast all day long !

During the day you will find a great selection of sandwiches, pastas, fish, chicken, meat and vegetarian dishes, home made cakes  (Very popular) and of course you don't need worry if your biological clock is up side down, you can order every item you see on the menu even to take away.... at any time !

This is the Witching Well  a magical and relaxed place after the 762 curves from Chiang Mai, come to visit us, let's us be part of your Pai experience.

Chinatan Khonkla, Manager
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