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Sitjemam Muay Thai in Pai

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Home of the world's most powerful martial fighting system
If you are seriously committed to Muay Thai, whether you’re a beginner, a professional or just looking to get in shape and are looking for quality training in a positive and genuine environment that still looks like Thailand, supported by competent coaching and you aspire to be part of a winning team Sitjemam Muay Thai is the place to be.

Kru Mam, former tenant of Sor. Wisarut  Gym, continues on her path with a camp that  is not a modern 'Muay Thai supermarket' owned by a multinational, but it is actually based on its resident fight team,COMPETING IN SOME OF THE BEST PROMOTIONS IN THAILAND,EUROPE AND ASIA and offers the visiting trainees the possibility of working out back to back with them under the expert guidance of our technical staff.

You won't feel only a 'number' here, you won't ever be left alone kicking a bag for hours, because our priority is pushing everyone to the limit to create a winning athlete.
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