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Located in a lush valley at the base of green misty mountains, on the banks of the River Pai, Rose Gym is Mae Hong Son Province’s premier training gym for Muay Thai, Muay Boran or “Ancient Boxing”, and Self-Defense courses. Rose Gym is located in the relaxed town of Pai in northern Thailand, easily accessible by bus or plane. We strive not only to provide the best quality training, but to give you a truly unique and culturally enriching experience.

Rose Gym’s highly experienced trainers believe in training both the body and the mind using training techniques and traditions which have been passed down over hundreds of years. We don’t only offer comprehensive training if you’re a serious Muay Thai fighter. Our experienced trainers all speak English, and welcome anyone interested in learning Muay Thai, whether in one of our Beginner’s Introduction courses, a no-nonsense Self-Defence course, or just wanting to break a sweat and get healthy.
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