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Our products
Pure Pai is a young, growing and changing little business. We are always looking for new ideas, trying new herbs, essences, blends, etc. The products listed here might change regularly, so check this website for updates and don't hesitate to contact us to know our current projects. One certain thing is that we only use the best ingredients available to create pure and simple body care that will only feed your skin with nutrients and goodness. We never add SLS, parabens, synthetic colorants or preservatives. All our products are 100% natural!

All of Pure Pai products are hand-crafted locally in small batches with love and care. We buy cold-pressed oils from the makers, herbs, spices, flowers, and raw, unbleached, unrefined beeswax from the local farmers to produce, simple, quality, earth and body care. We make everything in small quantities in a little studio on the mountain. Since we do not use any preservatives we prefer to make our products freshly more often.

Quality of products
Pure Pai products are all handmade with quality local ingredients. We do not claim any therapeutic uses, the products are not made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients or laboratory tested. We simply make products that we prefer to commercial ones. You, personnally need to read the ingredients carefully for possible allergies and decide if they would be good for your skin. We always test the products ourselves and on our friends and pets.

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