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Paina Paita Home

Paina Paita Home in Pai

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We would like to share with you the lifestyle that we enjoy in Pai. We have an intimate resort that consists of only 5 guest houses. It is also the home of the family that live  there. All of the houses are built with traditional materials, wood, bamboo, clay and leaf roofs. The guest houses also have their own bathrooms and verandahs.

We grow our own organic vegetables. Every house looks out onto the Pai Mountains with rice paddy fields in the valley beneath. At the beginning of the monsoon season the sky is reflected in the paddy fields, which are flooded in preparation for the rice. Then the local farmers work tirelessly planting rice in the age old hand planting method. The fields soon turn jade green as the young rice shoots push through. As the rice ripens in the sun towards the end of September the fragrance from the fields gets the mouth watering as many of the dishes prepared in Northern Thailand come with a healthy portion of steamed rice.

Price Range from 900 THB to 1500 THB

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