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Like no other trek in Thailand. Trekking in non-touristic areas !

This trip offers a real cultural experience off the beaten track. Mr Chart and his team of experienced guides offer you a unique 1-5 day trek into the jungles near Pai.

Survive in the jungle using only natural materials such as bamboo and banana leaves. Cook traditional food and use ingredients found in nature. Learn about animals, insects and flowers of the area.

Visit a Lisu tribal village with a strong history dating back 200-300 years. It is one of the last villages unaffected by tourism in the area. The guides provide you with the best insight into hill tribes and their amazing culture. Follow naturally created footpaths used by mountain people and animals alike.

- No elephants
- No rafting

You haven't seen the real Thailand until you've trekked
with Mr Chart and Bamboo House !
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